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  • Savings & Selection

    Clothes, toys, shoes, coats, strollers, joggers, cribs, gear and more—all at 50-90% off retail!
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Savings & Selection

Clothes, toys, shoes, coats, strollers, cribs, gear and more—all at 50-90% off retail!
A masked Team Member with gloves helps out at a local JBF sale.
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Making the Most of Your Shopping Experience

We know how important it is to get what your kids need at the prices you love.

Let us help you experience a glorious shopping event at Just Between Friends!

Our upcoming sale is our Spring/Summer sale, featuring clothes, shoes, and accessories for the cool/hot weather, plus everything else 

related to kids and pregnancy at significant savings. It's always more fun to shop with a friend so invite your BFF or family members

 to join in the fun! Remember, friends don't let friends pay full retail prices!

  Shop Before Public
Private Presale Event

Do you want to be the first to shop the biggest selection to score the lowest prices? We offer Prime Time tickets for our Presale and Half Price day. 

Tickets Required for Presale Event!

Presale Day - Thursday April 25th from 1:00pm-7:00pm

Prime Time Shoppers shop just after our Sellers and is the day before we open to the Public. If you're looking for specific items and/or brands, this is the time to shop and get first pick! The $10.00 Prime Time ticket is worth it!   

Half Price Day - Friday April 26th from 5:30pm-7:00pm

Get a Prime Time ticket and be the first to shop early on TBD starting at TBD and be the first to shop items that are marked 50% off, the $5.00 Prime Time ticket is worth it!

Click HERE to get your Prime Time Ticket.

We also offer FREE Presale tickets on April 25th to Expecting, Adoptive, 1st time parents and Grandparents. Hometown heroes, Teachers, Educators, Home School Parents, Military families, First Responders, and Healthcare workers. 

We also offer entry to our Presale 

Click below for FREE Tickets!!! 

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Shop Public Sale Days

FREE admission on Public sale days, NO ticket required, just stop by Friday April 26th from 10:00am-7:00pm

Want one as a reminder/reference, or to give to friends/family, we got you, we also provided an option to get FREE ticket(s) for our Public sale days!

Come back as many times as you need. We restock our sales floor after Presale day! There are thousands of items to choose from, all under one roof making shopping convenient. (gently loved and new items such as clothing, shoes, books, puzzles, baby gear, toys, holiday items, and so much more)

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  Shop Discount Day
   ​Half Price Sale

Free admission on Sunday our Half Off Day, NO ticket required, just stop by Saturday April 27th from 10:00am-7:00pm.

Shop our Half Off sale on Saturday, where many items will be 50% off. Any item WITHOUT a star on tag is HALF OFF the already low prices! Tags that are starred will remain full price, still amazing deals.

This is a great time to come back and get some more amazing deals!

Want a FREE ticket as a reminder/reference, or to give to friends/family, we got you, we also provided an option to get FREE ticket(s) for our Half Price Sale.

 **Saturday April 27th is the last day of our Spring/Summer sale, click below to see our FULL sale schedule, don't miss out on the opportunity to SHOP and SAVE

Sale Schedule

We love happy shoppers! Here's what they have to say.

A Mom holds up her JBF shopping bag with her right hand while resting her left hand on her stroller with toddler daughter inside.
They have everything kid related.

Having everything kid related in one location is awesome. I plan to shop/spend each sale so my kids are assured that Mom will say "yes!" to at least some of the "look Mom!" items they find.

• Becky V

Grandmom, mom and baby in a carrier gather together and flash a smile as they shop for baby items.
Great way to buy a season's worth!

This is a great way to buy a season's worth of clothes for all your littles! Great variety!

• Barbara H

A group of shoppers wearing masks for safety reasons gathers together at the sale to shop.
I love it every time!

I love it every time. And I finally got my friend to come this past sale and she was in awe of the savings. She'll be coming back for sure!

• Victoria V

Three young girls are excited to shop together in the toy section of their local JBF sale.
My favorite part is seeing other JBF Moms

My favorite part is seeing other JBF Moms who I've met at the sale - year after year! We love our kids and love saving money!

• Monica S

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event free and open to the public?
Is the event free and open to the public?
Is the event free and open to the public?

Yes, the event is open to the public and the admission is FREE on most days, just stop by. We do have a couple of special Presale events that have a fee, it gives you the opportunity to be the first to shop before the Public and take advantage of the big selection of items at low prices. You get first pick!

Click on the "Get Tickets" link and see all available options!

What is the refund policy?

Please be aware that ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  There are NO refunds or exchanges.  The reason being, we hold our events and at the end of the sale, we pay our consignors whose items have been purchased.  This allows us to honor our commitment to be good stewards of the trust placed in us as the event host.  This is why we ask you to please inspect and test all goods before you pay and leave the building.  If you need help testing an item, please ask and we will be happy to assist you.  Just Between Friends is not able to refund or exchange as, once the event ends, all items are donated to charity or returned to consignors which is the end of our selling time period with them.  If you have purchased an item and decide it doesn't suit your needs, we welcome you to sell your functioning, gently-used items with us at the next sales event!

How often does this sale happen?
What about COVID-19?

Your family's health is our #1 priority. We follow all guidelines for retail spaces in our area. We've expanded our Sale to 3 weekends to allow for greater flexibility for our Shoppers. To minimize frequent touching, we encourage shoppers to shop without children, if possible.